Indiana electro-music Group

IEMG is for experimental electronic and electroacoustic musicians creating and performing new and unusual music.

IEMG is inspired by the growing community, forums, internet radio and electro-music festivals taking place around the globe.

"electro-music is made with synthesizers, home-made circuits, computers, found objects, voices, signal processors, wooden flutes, ambient recordings, and virtually anything imaginable that makes sound - even conventional orchestras. It can be slow and spacy, or fast and rhythmic; it crosses many genres. The primary motivation for its creation is artistic and spiritual expression, not show business. "

- quoted from the home page of

Meetings and Improv sessions

IEMG hosts monthly meetings, improv sessions and performances.

IEMG email, forum and calendar

Join the IEMG yahoo-group to get on the email chat list, receive notification of upcoming

events and gain access to our calendar. You may also stay in touch with IEMG on Facebook.

There are no fees or dues

There are no fees or dues to be a member if IEMG.

Collaborations, Performances, Internet Radio and more

The IEMG is about creation and performance and is a great place to meet other musicians for projects and shows.

The IEMG is currently sponsoring the following events:

     • Monthly concerts

     • Weekly internet radio show and podcast "Music from last Thursday" on

     • Monthly improvisation sessions & demonstrations

Midwest Electro-Music Experience (MEME)

Annual two day music festival featuring musicians from around the USA.

IEMG Compilations

Periodic release of music by IEMG musicians

IEMG is an organization made up of experimental electro-acoustic

and electronic musicians committed to building community and supporting each other through meetings, performances, improvisation sessions, collaborations and workshops.

IEMG receives on-going support from

The Irving Theater

5505 E. Washington St., Indianspolis, IN

Playground Productions

5529 Bonna Ave. #10 Indianspolis, IN